Monticello-Wayne Country Tourist Commission

Appointments to this Commission are governed by KRS 91A.350 and shall be composed of seven (7) commissioners to be appointed by the County Judge/Executive in the following manner: 

a)      Three (3) commissioners:  (1) Hotel lodging, (1) Bed and Breakfast (1) Cabin

b)      One (1) commissioner from a local restaurant.

c)      One (1) commissioner from a list of three submitted by the Chamber of Commerce.

d)      Two (2) commissioners appointed by the Wayne County Judge/Executive.


In the absence of any organized associations as specified in (a)(b)(c) or (d), the position shall be filled by persons affiliated with similar business or organizations as jointly determined by the County Judge/Executive.


Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner that original appointments are made.



Dale Patel – (Hotels)

 Term expires June 30, 2020


Nancy Allen – (Judge-Executive)

 Term expires June 30, 2020


Mikki Simmons – (Judge-Executive)

 Term expires June 30, 2019


Brandy Lee – (Bed & Breakfasts)

 Term expires June 30, 2019


Ray Chesney – (Cabins)
 Term expires June 30, 2019


Scott Upchurch – (Chamber of Commerce)

 Term expires June 30, 2019


Dwight Gregory – (Restaurants)  

 Term expires June 30, 2019



To establish a Transient Tax account, please download the registration form below and fax to (606) 348-6647 or call (606) 348-4241 for more information.